With a little over 60 days, until Britain leaves the European Union, there is no doubt that the money-making behemoth that is the Premier League will be impacted by Brexit. 

Even the makers of Football Manager decided to include three potential outcomes, though realistically no amount of computer power could work out the infinite possibilities as to the intricacies of the Brexit negotiations and outcomes.

So we must ask the important question: What, if any, impact will Brexit have on the Premier League and English football as a whole?

Officials from clubs, tournaments and leagues have all been quick to air their concerns about any kind of deal which would affect the running of the Premier League.

Except for Neil Warnock, whose remarks are unprintable on this website. 

Harry Kane and Giorgio Chiellini have wildly differing views, though Kane’s may be the more sensible given his position as captain of the England national team.

“I don’t know enough about it to be concerned about it,” came the reply from the England man when he was asked two and a half years ago.

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